Ohhh, Tiger

It’s been 15 years since the media ‘changed’. It all started with the OJ Simpson triall and the way the media camps out and makes an entertainment-like story ‘the story of the century.’ When the question, what happened to real journalism comes up, I usually point to tge Simpson case.
I bring this up because today, the media will take yet another dive into the depths of hell as they fall over themselves to cover Tiger’s long awaited comments regarding his ‘sickness’ so to speak. 
Much to the dismay of the media and those who clearly have NO LIFE, Tiger won’t be taking any questions from the media…as he tries to establish a “this is a private matter” between him, his wife & family, and harem of mistresses.
All kidding aside I say good for him. This media frenzy has gone way past ridiculous and the fact that everyone is mad at him now because he’s not going to give us a Jimmy Swaggert “I have sinned against you my Lord” type of press conferenceis a sad statement on today’s society.
Yes, he has an obligation as a ‘famous person’ to stand before the cameras and make amends — meaning he is responsible for rebuilding his image which is not only his livelyhood, but that of his sponsors who have stuck by him. But does he need to give us the full details of what he was doing? I mean, dont we already know what he was doing, so unless you want this press conference to be broadcast on Skinimax, can we just move on? 
Unlike 15 years ago when I was glued to the TV with the rest of the world, I will not watching the ‘special live coverage’ most networks are planning to run. 
Afterall, he is still just a golf player…right?


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