Please, don’t vote out of spite. Educate yourself!

If you're a reader of my Blog, one of my Twitter followers, or a Facebook Friend, then you know on more than one occasion I have called out President Obama for failing to come through on a number of issues that were promised to us during the election of 2008. I have been particularly hard on him when it comes to his promise of ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe it’s going to happen, but it’d be nice if it were a priority to a man who knows all too well the disadvantages of being treated differently.

There is also the fact that his promise of bringing change to Washington has fallen way short of expectations. Now I will admit, I never really bought into the whole idea of change.  Washington is what it is and no one is ever going to change it. However, I think the President and his team missed out on a golden opportunity to make inroads given the mandate he was elected with. 

That having been said, in the two years President Obama has been in the White House things have changed. The country finally has health care reform that favors people…not insurance companies. Was it perfect…far from it, but you have to start somewhere and I’d say the 32 million people who didn’t have health care prior to passage of HRC would agree.

He has a great deal more to do, and he knows this better than anyone. And that's why this Tuesday, we must vote in force to dial back and prevent the Republican/Tea Party drive to repeal health care reform, return our nation to the same failed economic polices that created the economic nightmare we’re still trying to recover from, AND stop these “thugs” from playing fast and loose with the Constitution. 

The President isn't on the ballot on Tuesday. The Democrats who have worked with him during this economic fiasco created by the Republicans are. These are the people responsible for passing health care reform and the stimulus package that helped prevent a second depression. They are the ones who are in jeopardy of losing their jobs for choosing to do what's best for the country…not for their job security.

Now I could sit here and give examples why people like Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, John Raese, Christine O'Donnell, Mark Rubio, and Ben Quayle are people who should NOT be elected to office and reasons why John Boehner and Mitch McConnell don't deserve to become Speaker of the House and Majority Leader of the Senate respectively, but as important as this is, I don’t have that kind of time. So do yourselves a favor…educate yourselves — Google them.

Regardless of what side you favor, if you remain objective and read up on these individuals, it won't be hard to see why any of them deserve to be propelled into any position of power that could ultimately set this country backwards economically and socially. 

The bottom line is simple…in times of crisis you don't abandon your friends…even after they've let you down. President Obama while not perfect, and by the way who is, is our friend. And by 'our friend' I mean any person who is struggling to pay the bills, needs a job, is gay and hopes to be respected…and so on and so on. 

Do not let yourself get caught up in this mass hysteria of misrepresented anger. President Obama and the Democrats aren't the ones who created this economic mess. Yes, things are still a mess, and if you're someone currently out of work, then you know this for a fact.

But if you listen, read and research what independent economists have said, you will learn for yourself that the steps taken by President Obama and the Democrats helped stop the downward spiral we were in.

Much work still needs to be done, and come Tuesday you need to decide who you want doing that work. The President and the Democrats who are dedicated to restoring the Nation to prosperity for all, or the Republicans who have promised to undo health care reform — thus re-un-insuring millions of Americans, making it possible for insurance companies to drop sick people and raise rates on a whim without explaining why…all while returning to the same failed economic policies that created the disaster they created.

As an American the choice is ultimately yours. All any of us can ask is that when you vote, do so with a clear understand of who and why you're voting for a particular someone. That doesn't mean that anger can't be a part of the reason. It just means don't vote out of spite. Because as always, nothing good will come from it. 

Thanks as always for reading. 


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