Words of Wisdom on Libya….FINALLY!

While Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican establishment continue their deceitful assault on President Obama’s foreign policy and their distasteful politicizing of the tragic assassination of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, the comment was a BLAST of fresh air from a person I don’t always agree with, but respect tremendously.


“…exactly.  You know, I mean, you can have a flash mob turned into a planned thing.  You can have planned people inside of a flash mob.  To me, this is utterly contrived story in the sense that this is the end of the Obama’s foreign policy.  I think we’re missing two things.  One is the– the global picture.  What’s going on in the Arab world since the Arab Spring?  We’ve seen the breakdown of what’s called the Mukhabarat state.  Mukhabarat is intelligence service in Arabic.  We’ve seen all of these states are collared, all of these, you know, Islamists and jihadists, for us in many cases.  Those states have broken down, but a new order hasn’t arisen.  And that’s what you saw in Benghazi.  But here’s what’s also new.  And we have completely missed this story, and it’s a great thing for America.  Let’s– let’s forget which candidate it might– it might serve.  What happened immediately a day and a half after this incident in Libya?  Thousands of Libyans, carrying pictures of our ambassador, voluntarily marched on the militia headquarters that did this and took these guys down.  That– that is one of the greatest successes for the United States possible.  We didn’t have to do it.  They did it, on their own.  And the fact that we’re not talking about that, but we’re talking about how many times you used the word terrorism and did you scratch your ear like, it’s nonsense.”

Thomas Friedman, Columnist, New York Times on Meet the Press, Sunday October 21, 2012


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