Top Songs of 2013 – #5

Well, I guess I was wrong about song #6. Turns out it wasn’t the hidden gem I thought it was, which makes me very happy.

Song number 5 is the complete opposite of Army of Two. It’s a song everyone knows for sure.

Before we get to it, let’s revisit songs 6-10

10. Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men

9. Burn – Ellie Goulding

8. (tie) Young and Beautiful – Land Del Rey / Roar – Katy Perry

7. The Way – Ariana Grande

6. Army of Two – Olly Murs

The countdown continues…

Hands down this was the most played song of the year. At any time this summer, you could turn on the radio and find it within a few seconds of searching for it. That’s how big it was.

I loved it because it sampled a fantastic song that I grew up with, that also happened to be a huge favorite of my Mom’s. It was played in our house at every Saturday night party she had during the summer, so hearing it this summer was a bit like having her back.

I’m certain there’s no suspense around the song that I’m speaking about, so without further adieu, here is Robin Thicke with Blurred Lines.

And here is the aforementioned hit song it samples Got to Give it Up from the incomparable Marvin Gaye (for Monica)



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