Top Songs of 2013 – #4

Rolling right along, we come to song number 4 on the countdown.

Like Blurred Linesthis song wasn’t too hard to find on the radio this year.

It marked the return, of sorts, to the airways for a band that have never really left the music scene. To some, their sound brought electronic music “back” in the ’90s, and while their albums are few are far between, they never seem to be too far away.

This year they released their 4th studio album, Random Access Memories, which was critically received by almost all who reviewed it. The first single from the album, a collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers reached number 1 in 28 countries this year, and is song #4 on my songs of 2013.

Here is Daft Punk and “Get Lucky.” 

And here they are at their best in 1997 from the album, Homework, here is “Around the World”


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