Please…vote with intelligence tomorrow!


The only thing worse than a person who doesn’t exercise their right to vote…is an uneducated voter.

I can’t say this any plainer than this…if Republicans somehow manage to take control of the Senate tomorrow, the people who put them there will be to blame for this country’s downward spiral.

To reward this party for it’s sad and spiteful actions of the past two years are not only idiotic and childish, but downright selfish.

Maybe you don’t like the President. Maybe you don’t like where you think the country is headed. But instead of believing ridiculous campaign ads that have taken a new low this year, and believe me…that’s a feat given the last few years, how about doing some real research before casting your vote tomorrow. What could it hurt? Imagine going into a voting booth fresh with knowledge and facts other than garbage and lies.

The fact of the matter is the country is still struggling. While the stock market is thriving and unemployment continues to fall, there are millions of citizens still struggling. Before placing all of the blame on the President of the United States, ask yourself this simple question…what have Republicans done in the past two years to make things better? What proposals have they put forward to create jobs and stimulate the economy further? When you realize the answer to that question is nothing…ask yourself this question – how is a Republican controlled Senate going to be any different/better than what we have now?

The sad fact is…it’s not. In the past two years, Republicans have continued their assault on “Obamacare” which, despite the many flaws in the bill, has helped millions of Americans receive the heath benefits they were previously denied. Besides giving speeches and appearing frequently on Sunday morning talk shows, Republicans did nothing to fix the border crisis. Republicans have yet….YET…to put forth a jobs creation bill. I could go on and on and on, but I’m not writing simply to bash Republicans.

The Democrats in Congress haven’t been all that better. Granted, they have no say/power to get anything done in the House, and with the masters of the filibuster, holding court in the Senate, there isn’t much they have been able to do. However, instead of baring down and working hard to pass any type of legislation, they have instead focused on retaining their control of the Senate. Is this worthy of being rewarded. NO!

So what am I asking of you…my loyal and intelligent readers? Nothing more than I’ve asked of you in the past…vote with intelligence.

I will not tell you who to vote for. That is a decision that is yours and yours alone. But when you enter the voting booth tomorrow, consider these five important factors when casting your votes…

1. Is this person worthy? Will he/she uphold the laws of the Constitution? And fight for them?

2. Does this person believe in the rights of others..equally, be it women, gays, minorities, etc.

3. Does this person stand for something or are they just a party hack?

4. Will this person stand up to those who govern based on a book other than the Constitution?

5. Is this person honest?

Your vote matters, and casting it as an educated voter is one of the most important jobs/responsibility as an American citizen. Please don’t vote out of some misguided anger. Educate yourself and others. Maybe this means you will end up voting Republican…and while I strongly disagree, as long as you’re doing it because you believe it’s the right choice, then go forth. We’ll have much to debate for the next two years. Just make sure you’re doing so because you truly believe it will help the country move forward.

There are many races tomorrow that mean a great deal from the Governors races in Texas, Florida, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania to Senate races in Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia, Kansas, North Carolina and Arkansas. Now in some cases, the fact that some of these are up for grabs like Georgia speak to the fact that people not only paying attention, but are getting tired of politics as usual. In others, like the Connecticut Governors race, where the Governor is being punished for enacting tougher gun control laws in the wake of the massacre that killed 20 school kids, is just beyond words. If you watch the ads being run against Governor Malloy, you’d think Connecticut was in the dumps economically. It’s true, the State with the highest per capita income of all 50 States has seen better days, but to hear Tom Foley talk, the State is on the verge of bankruptcy. That is just not true.

For those of you in Staten Island, NY casting a vote for Michael Grimm tomorrow…shame on you. The man is not worthy of being a United States Congressman, hell he’s barely worthy of being called a human being. But from the looks of it, he’s going to be rewarded another term. One he won’t complete due to the legal troubles that will boost him from Congress by the end of next year if not sooner. But don’t let that stop you from wasting your vote on him.

With no clear contender for the White House in 2016 (I’m sorry fellow Dems…as much as I love Hillary and will support her, NO ONE is a lock, until they take the oath of office on January 20, 2017), tomorrow’s election will not change that fact. Nor should it. We have a great many things that need to be addressed in the hear and now. Please…focus on that.

Vote for people who you believe will roll up their sleeves and get to work doing the people’s business.

Thank you.


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