Mr. Speaker, your word choice is disappointing



Between 1960 and 1965, thousands of “publicity stunts,” as House Speaker Paul Ryan refers to them, took place across this nation.

They were the cornerstone that lead to the laws that made it possible for me to go to school, play with my friends, eat wherever I want, go to the bathroom wherever possible, vote, earn a living and live my life as a tax paying American citizen.

Now, there are many who feel those “publicity stunts” were bad for this country.  We generally refer to people like that as racists.

I’m not be calling the Speaker of the House a racist, but I am calling him out for his poor choice of words in trying to distract from what Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives are trying to accomplish.

Rep. John Lewis isn’t taking part in a “publicity stunt” Mr. Speaker. He is leading a civil action on behalf of the American people who overwhelmingly want to try to force you and your colleagues to do what you were sent to Washington to do – GOVERN.

To go on television interviews last night and this morning and to walk into the House chamber last night and pretend that what Democratic lawmakers are doing is anything but trying to save lives is a disgrace. Aren’t you supposed to be better than this? Aren’t you the Republican leader we’re hoping will restore pride and balance back to the Republican party?

Or are you just another lapdog for the NRA?

This sit-in may not be proper House etiquette, but neither were white only restrooms and water fountains.

You and those who just don’t get it:

People are sick and tired of being ignored.

People are sick and tired of your inaction and protection of the NRA’s ridiculous crusade to block any form of sensible gun control that will only hurt criminals and people who want to kill.

People are sick and tired of being afraid to go to the supermarket, of going to the movies, of going to work, of sending their children off to school and now, going to a dance club.

It may be easy for you to pretend that the House sit-in is nothing more than a “publicity stunt,” but while doing so please remember that the rest of us don’t have the Capitol Police and Secret Service protecting us and/or our families. We are on the ‘front lines’ and at the mercy of people who want to cause harm, who thanks to your continued inaction, are allowed to legally purchase guns and ammunition at alarming rates.

Some of these people aren’t allowed to fly on an airplane. But they can walk into a gun store or gun show and purchase weapons that can only be used to kill large numbers of people.

A “publicity stunt?”

Your word choice is poor.

Your inaction is breathtakingly…ignorant.





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