How Will Our Broken Nation Respond?



There have been far too many times in my life when I have sat in front of the television, watching the news…not knowing what to make of what I’m watching…

  • The day President Reagan was shot
  • The day the Space Challenger exploded
  • The day of the Oklahoma City Bombing
  • September 11th
  • The morning after the Pulse nightclub shooting
  • And now…the night 11 police officers were shot in Dallas

Yesterday, I was filled with rage. More so than I have ever been. The shooting deaths of two more black males, by police officers in a 48-hour span was just too much for me to process.

Today….I’m just numb.

But to be honest, I can feel the rage simmering inside…

  • How will the country react?
  • Will we forget about Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and the countless others who have been killed by police officers, so we can honor the five officers who were murdered just as senselessly?
  • Will Donald Trump, who after the Pulse shooting boldly stated, if more people had guns in the nightclub, that tragedy wouldn’t have been so bad, say something even more ridiculous?
  • Will all of the sympathy that was building up because of the numerous police killings of black people, dissipate because “these people [blacks] are animals and criminals who have records and break the law.”
  • Will Congress finally do something about gun control in this country…assuming of course this wasn’t yet “another” IsIs attack?

My rage is real. My questions are raw. But they are very valid.

We learn at a very young age that two wrongs don’t make a right. So the killing of 5 innocent police officers does not avenge the death of any one person.

What it does is put an even bigger bulls-eye on black people. So hey, thanks for that Dallas shooters.

Today, and the days that follow will be important for our country. How will the majority of people respond to yet another mass shooting of innocent people? Yesterday I said to a friend that if things don’t change, it won’t be long before a modern day version of the Black Panthers will surfaces. I can’t think of anybody who wants that to happen. And last night…we were reminded why.

I pray…the answers come quickly.

I pray…they will lead to the beginning of the healing process.

I pray…that people will realize that you can be for ending the violence against black people by police officers and still have tremendous respect for the men and women who proudly and heroically protect our streets everyday.

And I pray our broken and divided society, will finally come together…as one.


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