Enter Stage Right…The Convention of Idiots



Ninety-eight years ago today, the world was blessed with the birth of Nelson Mandela. A man who would bring a light force to the world, that few others have. While I wish he was still with us, the shame I feel right now for my country makes me happy he didn’t live to see this day. 


Tonight, the world will watch as the Republican National Committee takes the United States back in time in hopes of “Making America Great Again.”


Day one of the farce that will be the Republican National Convention. An event, if based on the future generations of Republicans photographed with Speaker Paul Ryan this weekend, will be filled with diversity and honor the sacred traditions of the Grand Old Party.

I know…I know…Hillary Clinton is Satan herself. She can’t be trusted. She’s crooked. She’s a disaster. Only Donald Trump – a man who lies freely everyday, thinks only of himself, is a racist bully who has swindled millions of dollars from innocent people, can right the wrong and correct the course our country is currently headed.

In laymen terms – we need a strong dumb-witted bigot to cleanse the country after 8 years with a black man in the White House.

Anyone who doesn’t seen the nomination of Donald Trump as that, is fooling themselves. We can argue whether the country is better off today then when it was when Barack Obama took office, you know…how we used to measure a President’s term of office? But we can’t really in this instance, because there are too many facts that point to the fact that the country is much better. No, instead, we’re going to pretend that saving the automotive industry and millions of jobs, stewarding the economy out of the worst modern day recession and many of the other achievements never happened or happened as a matter of things just getting better on their own.

I become more and more embarrassed and sad for people that I know who are still trying to find a way to support the Republican Party this year. It saddens me that party politics and ideological bullshit is more important than love of country or even the hint of common sense. 

But alas, this is the country I live in. One where sensible gun control is an attack on the Constitution, but the killing of innocent black men, women, children and now police officers is the fault of the President of the United States. One where

after years of being able to live as an American in MY country, many of the atrocities I had to endure growing up are slowly creeping back into my life. Being followed in a store by security, watching the uncomfortable eyes of people watching me as I cross the street in front of their car all because of the color of my skin…which happens to be the same as the President of the United States. 

It’s a shame really that after this nation finally elected an intelligent black man, not once but twice, leader of the free world, we’ve ended up at this point. 

All we’re going to hear for the next four days is how much of a failure Barack Obama was. How he’s done nothing but apologize for this country and make it less safe. And we’re going to hear it from “D” list celebrities or rejects from the equally “D” list “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show, Donald Trump has turned into a campaign for the Presidency of the United States.

None of the Republicans who are actually going to attend this farce, will speak to the fact that their party have been obstructionists for the past 7 1/2 years — holding symbolic votes at tax payer expense instead of doing the business of the country. Nope…all you’re going to hear is how Barack Obama is a failure.

I guess what they say is true — you have to hit absolute rock bottom before you can turn things around.

One can only hope that at the end of this four-day atrocity, people will finally begin to realize the path we are on.

I have my doubts…but I’ll rely on one of my favorite quotes from Mr. Mandela to help maintain my faith, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”


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