Long before he entered the race to be President, it was a well-known fact that Donald Trump was an expert liar. Just ask his media spokesperson, John Miller. He has further bolstered his status as an expert liar as a Presidential candidate, nominee of the Republican Party and now as President of the United States.

Some of you, for reasons most of us will NEVER understand, supported him then and continue to support him because he’s “shaking up Washington” and plans to “drain the swamp.”

Whatever that means.

I mean, if Washington was a cesspool of liars before his election, what the hell is it now — when the best and most powerful liar of them all is the President of the United States?

And what does it say when a President can lie at will to the American people and STILL be supported – granted by a shrinking minority of 37 percent.

Yes, the art of politics is spinning your message. But this White House doesn’t engage in political spin. It doesn’t even engage in manipulation of facts.

This White House just lies. And regardless of whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive or whatever it is you identify as — you should be angry, embarrassed and scared as hell — because there appears to be nothing this administration won’t lie about.



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