Where’s the Beef? (i.e. Leadership)

House Republicans are planning to hold a vote on a dreadful bill today, that will negatively affect the lives of millions of Americans because, apparently, the President of the United States has run out of patience and given them an ultimatum.

The bill in question, of course, is the long touted repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, which for seven years Republicans have been trying to get rid of.  After holding dozens of ceremonial votes to repeal the law, it’s now painfully obvious they never ONCE took the time to craft legislation to replace it.

Add in the fact that after promising repealing and replacing Obamacare would be the top priority of the new President of the United States and the Republican-led Congress during the election of 2016, Trumpcare/Ryancare…whatever they don’t want to call it, was the best they could come up with — again one has to ask “where’s the beef?”

Thankfully the numerous town hall meetings in the districts of Republican lawmakers over the past few months, where constituents vocally expressed their displeasure over possibly losing their healthcare, seems to have had an affect on Republican lawmakers. (Score one for the people! #resist)

So today, instead of admitting that they need to pull back, rethink, and take time to craft a bill that isn’t a terrible piece of legislation, the Speaker of the House will call a vote on a bill that is all but dead on arrival in the Senate — which means today’s vote in nothing more than another ceremonial one.

Where’s the beef?

Sadly, like Clara Peller surmises in the old Wendy’s commercials, I don’t think there’s anyone back there either.


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