It’s Official: The President of the United States is Batshit Crazy

I agree with Tom Brokaw…this isn’t Watergate…yet. It is however shaping up to be far worse.

Yes, FBI Director Comey needed to go. But he needed to go on Day One of the Trump Administration, not Day 110.

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican — if you’re not bothered by the timing of FBI Director Comey’s firing, that’s on you.

If you believe that the Deputy Attorney General, who’s been on the job for 14 days, came to work on day one, put a few pictures on his desk, met a few people, visited the supply closet where he got some pens and notepads, sat at his desk and logged into the DOJ computer system for the first time using the username and password in his welcome package – AND THEN decided – I’m going to make the case in the next 14-days that the President of the United States should do something that’s only been done once before in the history of our country – fire the Director of the FBI – you’re as batshit crazy as the President of the United States.

You should be troubled not because I and others say so. You should be troubled because common sense dictates that you do.

The last time a Deputy Attorney General, who was then the Acting Attorney General, came to Mr. Trump with, granted not a recommendation to fire, but several disturbing warnings that his National Security Advisor was compromised because of numerous lies, it took 18-days for said Advisor who has access to the nation’s top secrets to be fired. Now, I guess a case could be made that the President learned from that mistake and decided, well even though it’s been nine months since Mr. Comey made these mistakes I’m about to fire him for, even thought I’ve been praising him every chance I could, I need to just fire him right now.

Then, while firing the Director, the President drops in that Mr. Comey personally told him on three separate occassions that he wasn’t under investigation. Really? This doesn’t seem…how should I put this…fucking strange to you?

And finally, how is it that Attorney General Sessions “signed off” on the firing of the FBI Director, based on the “cause” that was given when he’s not supposed to be involved in ANYTHING that has to do with Hillary Clinton and emails?

All of these things should at the very least make you question the President’s motives. If it doesn’t…well then again…that’s on you.

Oh and to the members of the media – please stop saying Democrats are surprisingly “defending” Mr. Comey. That’s not what’s happening…AT ALL.  The legitimacy and timing of the firing of the person who is directly involved in a series of ongoing investigations of the President of the United States is beyond disturbing.  Yes, the FBI will carry on without Mr. Comey. However, relegating the important questions that are being asked as a “defense” of Mr. Comey simply feeds into the President’s warped narrative that Democrats are being hypocritical because they have been screaming for this action to be taken for…the past 9-months.

That’s right…9-months. And it happened…yesterday.


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